Long Hidden 2 is coming!

Since the release of Long Hidden in May – and really, starting well before that – we’ve had many, many people ask us “So when are we getting Long Hidden 2? Is it even a possibility?” On panels at conventions and at release parties and online, it’s been a constant question. We’re honored that so many people connected with this anthology so closely.

We are incredibly proud to announce that it’s finally happening! We will be opening to submissions for a second volume of Long Hidden before the end of this year, with the goal of releasing it by January 2016!

Long Hidden 2* will feature stories from any time prior to 1930. Like the first, it will be around 150,000 words, with interior artwork accompanying each story. And it will once again feature a cover by Hugo Award-winning artist Julie Dillon!

There will be a couple significant differences in this new volume. First, we’re thrilled to introduce our two new co-editors!


Mikki Kendall is a writer and occasional feminist who divides her time between two careers, a family, and brunch. The last is necessary to provide the energy she needs for everything else on her to-do list. Her writing can be found at XO Jane, Salon, NPR’s Code Switch, Guardian, and a host of other places willing to let her rant. She commits occasional acts of fiction largely focusing on black people in every situation under the sun, and a few under undefined celestial bodies. Her short fiction has been published by Torquere Press and Revelator Magazine. She can often be found on Twitter engaging in the highest quality shenanigans.



Sofia Samatar is the author of the novel A Stranger in Olondria, the Hugo-nominated short story “Selkie Stories Are for Losers,” and other works. She is the winner of the John W. Campbell Award, the Crawford Award, and the British Fantasy Award for Best Novel. Sofia is a co-editor for Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts, and teaches literature and writing at California State University Channel Islands. Her short story “Ogres of East Africa” led off the first Long Hidden anthology.



We’re excited to have such an amazing pair co-editing Long Hidden 2, and can’t wait to see how their skills and ideas influence the anthology’s creation!

The other major change in this new anthology is the perspective. While it will still center on the stories of marginalized people from all walks of life, from all over the world, we want to specifically focus on a group who often have the least agency, and are too casually dismissed, condescended to or ignored: children. Though not a typical “Young Adult”-style book, we want young people to be able to more easily see themselves within these stories – to see the hard truths of history as it was experienced by the young. Therefore, all protagonists in Long Hidden 2 stories will be under 18 years of age.

There were some excellent examples in Long Hidden of the sort of story Long Hidden 2 will be looking for, including Meg Jayanth’s “Each Part Without Mercy”, Lisa Bolekaja’s “Medu” and Sabrina Vourvoulias’ “The Dance of the White Demons”.

Crossed Genres will not be running another Kickstarter campaign to finance Long Hidden 2. We decided that the higher expenses and immense extra work involved were simply too much. Instead, we’ll finance the early costs ourselves, and have a preorder period to cover all the remaining expenses. The preorders will be handled directly through our website, with multiple pay options. It will be a tougher road, but we’re confident there’ll be enough interest in the anthology to get us there.

We are honestly still somewhat awed and humbled by the reaction to Long Hidden. Throughout the anthology’s existence, from a Twitter conversation to a huge crowdfunding success, through the incredible collaborative process with Rose Fox and Daniel José Older, to the critical and individual praise since its release, we’re so grateful to have been part of bringing something so important to life. The conversations sparked by Long Hidden have by themselves been worth all the work. With Long Hidden 2, our goal is to continue existing conversations and to open new ones, especially surrounding the experiences of marginalized youth.

We’ll post more information soon, including submission guidelines. Thank you, everyone!


* “Long Hidden 2″ is a working title and will most likely change.


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